Editor of Speciality Food shortlisted for the British Small Business Awards 2018

15 October 2018, 10:31 AM
  • Holly Shackleton, editor of Speciality Food, has been shortlisted for the Small Business Advocate of the Year Award
Editor of Speciality Food shortlisted for the British Small Business Awards 2018

Now in its third year, the British Small Business Awards celebrate the leading companies and figures in the SME scene, championing the UK’s small business sector. Its shortlist, released in late September, features businesses and individuals from across a spectrum of sectors, featuring 17 categories: Accountancy Software Provider of the Year, Accounts and Tax Adviser of the Year, Alternative Finance Provider of the Year, Business Account of the Year, Business Lender of the Year, Insurance Provider of the Year, Technology Provider of the Year, Workspace Provider of the Year, Innovator of the Year, E-commerce platform of the Year, Exporter of the Year, Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Micro Business of the Year, Small Business of the Year, Sole Trader of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and, of course, Small Business Advocate of the Year.

Nominated in the Small Business Advocate category is Holly Shackleton, whose work on Speciality Food has closely associated her with start-ups in the food and drink sector. The category rewards individuals, be they entrepreneurs, advisors, or authorities in the industry, who show commitment to small business advocacy. Most recently, Shackleton judged in and organised the New Producer Awards, with the final presentations taking place October 4th at Bread & Jam Festival. The New Producer Awards seek out the best start-ups in the food and drink industry, as part of her commitment to supporting new businesses. Judges of the British Small Business Awards will look into the actions of the Small Business Advocate category, taking into consideration the effectiveness and success of any lobbying efforts, campaigns, and other measures taken to promote small businesses.

Alongside Shackleton in the category are David Murray-Hundley, known as “The Grumpy Entrepreneur”, Kiran Bhagorta, founder of cybersecurity comparison site ProtectBox, Lydia Amoah, business coach and inspiration speaker, Lee Nathan, founder of marketing and design agency Purple Motion, Brazilian entrepreneur Rafael Dos Santos, Merilee Karr, CEO of Underthedoormat, Cass Horowitz, co-founder of creative agency The Clerkenwell Brothers, James Buckley-Thorp, founder of Hive Retail, and businesswoman Mandy Swift.

Holly Shackleton, editor of Speciality Food said, “Emerging businesses not only bring excitement and vibrancy to the food and drink sector but they’re its future, too, which means that it’s imperative that we support them as much as we can. I’m glad that in my role as editor of Speciality Food I’ve been able to do such things as found the New Producer Awards, build relationships with talented entrepreneurs and be part of incredible dedicated events like Bread & Jam – and to be recognised for doing what I love really is the icing on the cake.”

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