Industry encouraged to unite and champion organic

30 July 2020, 09:10 AM
  • Recent figures show that transparency and the environment are more important than ever to consumers
Industry encouraged to unite and champion organic

Recent figures reveal that there consumers are shopping more consciously than ever before, with stats from Nielsen showing that organic food and drink sales rose by 6.1% year on year, which is almost double the growth of non-organic food and drink products (3.2%) for the 52 weeks ending 30th May 2020.

The Soil Association Certification is encouraging retailers, producers and farmers to come together to champion organic food and drink as part of its 2020 Organic September campaign.

The organisation, together with the Organic Trade Board, will be running the unified campaign over the month of September to highlight how organic farming and products can help restore “nature, health and a safe climate”.

Organic food and drink is produced with fewer pesticides, no artificial colours or preservatives and animals are reared without the use of routine antibiotics. According to the Soil Association, if half of all farming in the EU was converted to organic by 2030, 23% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions would be cut just by increased soil carbon sequestration and reducing the use of mineral fertilisers.

Challenger brand Rebel Kitchen creates coconut drink products, with regenerative organic agriculture part of the core of the business. Ben Arbib at Rebel Kitchen says, “Rebel Kitchen is part of a business called Nurture Brands, a stable of brands that have a common goal to promote plant-based, healthier, better tasting and more sustainable options. Rebel Kitchen, as with all of our brands, supports 1% for the Planet (1% of revenue donated to charity) and are 100% Carbon Neutral. What differentiates Rebel Kitchen is that we invest our 1% donation into projects that promote regenerative organic projects in the countries where we source our core ingredient – coconuts. In addition, Rebel Kitchen is a B-Corp certified brand but we are well on our way to having our entire business certified. As the Rebel Kitchen brand grows we will continue to support projects related to healthy soils, ecosystem restoration and biodiversity.

“Organic September is an opportunity for us to join forces with other like-minded change-makers to raise awareness of the importance of organic – especially at a time when health and diet is in such deep focus.”

Independent retailers can get involved with the campaign in different ways, including taking part in Organic September Saturday on the 5th. Free point of sale packs are available to download online, which include social media assets, web banners plus 50 packs of wildflower seeds to hand out to customers on the day, with the aim to reinforce the message of organic and nature.

Niamh Noon of the Soil Association Certification, says, “Many independent retailers have seen record sales during the lockdown period. Now is a great time to ensure those new shopping habits remain. Engaging in Organic September is a great way to do that for independent retailers who tend to stock a wide range of organic products. With consumers increasingly prioritising transparency and integrity, as well as the environment and nature, the campaign – and brilliant POS and digital materials available to independent retailers – will support in telling the story that organic works with nature and can help restore our world. Organic September Saturday on 5th of September will be a fantastic celebration of all things organic, and with the wildflowers to give customers too, we hope it will be something everyone remembers.”

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