Maximising your cheese counter

16 January 2020, 17:48 PM
  • Judy Roberts of Right Product Right Place on how to create displays that attract attention and encourage repeat business
Maximising your cheese counter

Add structure
Create variety in terms of height in your display using blocks beneath your boards or platters.

Grade height down from the back towards the front of the fridge, ensuring you don’t block any chiller ducts, of course, and that the required temperature is maintained.

Simplify choice by grouping types of cheese together (all the blue ones together, all the goats milk ones together, for instance).

Cut at least one wedge from new blocks or wheels of cheese and place it on top of the wheel. It’s far better from the customer’s perspective to see the inside of a cheese, rather than just the outside rind as they can start to understand what its texture will be. This will also encourage customers to try the product instead of being put off by being first to cause the cheese to be cut.

Add colour and texture
Platters, boards or tiles of differing colours, for example two or three toning greens, scattered among the display to break up the overall product tone will contrast well with the products and ‘warm up’ the visual impact of the display.

Include additional colour contrast tricks such as mini chalkboards or black tickets to name and price the cheeses instead of white labels.

Add props such as grapes, fresh figs and vine leaves, a few jars of chutney or fruit cheeses dotted about to add visual texture. Fake fruit can be an effective option to avoid waste, but don’t overdo it!

Add tasters
Offer small tasters of new or featured cheeses on your counter – just one or two is plenty.

Cut small samples of the cheese(s) that customers are considering buying to aid decision-making.

Include samples of your chutneys and crackers to encourage add-on sales. Ring the changes and make sure the ones you choose to highlight work well with the featured cheese.

Add inspiration
Cheese is just the starting point. Consider how the cheese will be used by your customer and what would make sense to serve with it. Share your expertise generously with your customer and they will keep coming back.

Arrange packs of crackers, biscuits, chutneys and jellies around the fridge display. Make them easy to see, clearly priced and simple to select. Help customers choose the perfect one for their cheese selection.

Encourage your producers to give you leaflets and information about the provenance of each of their cheeses.

Provide tasting notes about the cheeses – either your featured one or perhaps to suit the one your customer chooses.

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