11 September 2018, 11:26 AM
  • With EU-UK relationships in a bit of a flux, small businesses may find solace in markets across the Americas. Sanjeev Gupta: "British businesses will recognise that a resurgent American industrial sector presents a long-term investment opportunity that’s just too big to ignore."

Mexico offers new opportunity for Brexit-hit businesses

Former UK trade minister Lord Price has said, in reaction to Brexit, that “the growing economies of Latin America offer huge opportunities for British business.” The uncertainty surrounding the relationship between the UK and the EU markets means British producers and retailers might want to begin striking new relationships outside of Europe. Spirit Cartel, a UK-based liquor company, has recently made a massive trade agreement with traditional tequila producer Orendain. Although the deal can be read as a reaction to the UK bar-scene’s growing demand for tequila-based cocktails, it could also be the harbinger of an upcoming tendency.

Spirit Cartel will be importing nine different varieties of tequila, starting with the Cantinero Reposado, an aged tequila that has already made a mark on the Mexican market, and the Cantinero Blanco, a white tequila that was created specifically for this deal.

A self-proclaimed “hipster” company, Spirit Cartel’s mission statement is to bring “the best spirits from around the world” into the UK trade scene. Orendain, family-owned and the largest independent tequila producer in Mexico, will provide Spirit Cartel a chance to “move on from those thin, industrial tequilas and give customers a taste of some of Mexico’s finest” as David Hood reported to Imbibe.

In the early days of Brexit, there were talks of trade deals between the US and the UK. Government negotiations since have been turbulent, there is nothing stopping individual businesses from reaching out across the pond. As Sanjeev Gupta, founder and chairman of Liberty House, told The Telegraph: “we need to distinguish clearly between the current turbulence and the rock-solid role the US plays in the global economy.”


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