Mission Ventures and Warburtons launch joint venture for SMEs

14 July 2020, 12:57 PM
  • The business accelerator has joined forces with the bakery brand to provide opportunities for growth for bakery-focused start-ups
Mission Ventures and Warburtons launch joint venture for SMEs

Independent businesses accelerator Mission Ventures has teamed up with bakery brand Warburtons to support SMEs and start-ups in the UK producing innovative bakery-led products. The joint initiative - Batch Ventures - aims to give up to five UK businesses the opportunity to receive equity funding alongside advice and support from industry professionals to help them launch, accelerate and become national brands themselves. Businesses that incorporate baking in their production process are encouraged to apply via Mission Ventures, with initial selection planned over the summer.

John Stapleton, co-founder & director of Mission Ventures, said, “At Mission Ventures we are “By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs” and we are proud to be the only independent Accelerator in the UK food and drink space. Our Batch Ventures partnership with Warburtons establishes a very supportive environment with considerable value-add for small brands in this category. Batch Ventures are looking for brands that have innovative, new, exciting, entrepreneurial ideas with strong entrepreneurs who have the vision and ambition to grow quickly. The product could belong to any of these categories: bread, cakes, traditional baked goods, biscuits, cookie dough, baking kits or snacks. Any business that employs a baking step in the manufacturing process will be considered.”

CEO Paddy Willis added, “We see this as a smart way for the industry to build compelling challenger brands that deliver true innovation. This partnership leverages our team’s experience as excited food entrepreneurs and six years of running food and drink accelerator programmes, together with the depth of industry experience that comes from Warburtons.”

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