Retailers and cafés may soon be able to sell food and drink outside their premises

19 May 2020, 09:39 AM
  • A plan is being devised that will allow food and drink outlets to set out chairs and tables on the pavement
Retailers and cafés may soon be able to sell food and drink outside their premises

Following the announcement of looser lockdown restrictions, many food and drink outlets are still getting to grips with what the next phase of business will look like. With the country slowly moving out of a full lockdown, social distancing measures remain in place. For dining outlets that are eager to open, this means reconsidering how they operate in order to meet these safety measures.

For some retail and foodservice businesses, this could see them selling their products from street stalls within a matter of weeks.

Communities secretary Robert Jenrick is said to be devising a plan that will grant food and drink outlets permission to set out tables and chairs on the pavement. The approval would mean businesses that already have a licence for outdoor seating could reopen in a limited capacity from 1st June. Those without a licence may also be given ‘blanket permission’ to add seating outside of their premises or in public squares.

The announcement comes as the Government tries to reopen sectors of the economy and inject some life back into town centres and high streets ahead of the peak summer season.

Street markets that sell food and drink were allowed to resume trade, whilst certain dining outlets have been offering takeaway throughout lockdown. However, pubs and restaurants won’t be allowed to reopen until the Government’s next step around 4th July.

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