07 July 2018, 07:36 AM
  • The Cornish Pasty Association (CPA), the producer group that fought for eight years to gain official recognition for genuine Cornish pasties, has created a new scheme for retailers which wish to sell the foodstuff but do not make their own
Retailers encouraged to use ‘Genuine Cornish Pasty’ trademark

The CPA’s new Recognised Retailer scheme is intended to help consumers spot an authentic Cornish pastry and is open to any business that sells Cornish pasties made by a certified producer.

A new online directory will become the official place for consumers seeking out Cornish Pasties, while retailers who sign up to the scheme will be encouraged to use the CPA’s ‘Genuine Cornish Pasty’ trademark, making it clear that their customers are purchasing the genuine article.

The scheme will also enable more businesses to take part in Cornish Pasty Week. Devised by the CPA, Cornish Pasty Week is a celebration of the product that generates millions for the Cornish economy and accounts for thousands of jobs.

Jason Jobling, chairman of the CPA, said, “Our Association was created to give the much coveted Protected Geographic Indication to the Cornish pasty, which means that only pasties made in the correct way, to the specified recipe and, of course, in Cornwall, can be sold using the Cornish pasty name.

“It’s now time for us to evolve, raising awareness of the Cornish pasty’s distinctiveness even further and giving pasty businesses more reasons to get involved.”