Retailers see an exciting rise in demand for British food

30 September 2020, 07:00 AM
  • Increasing numbers of consumers are actively seeking out locally produced food, says recent research
Retailers see an exciting rise in demand for British food

A new study carried out by OnePoll for Waitrose has found that demand for home-grown produce is rapidly growing, with almost 75% of consumers wanting to see more retailers source food from British farmers.

In fact, a quarter of people already actively seek out British products when shopping online. This highlights the rise of the conscientious shopper and higher regard for British farmers that we’ve been seeing over the last few months, and marks a great opportunity for British food producers and retailers to capitalize on.

“With more time spent at home, more home-cooked meals and many of us growing our own veg at home for the first time this year, there is an increased awareness of where and how food comes to our kitchen tables,” comments Rob Hues, agriculture manager for Waitrose. “Buying British is that natural extension to growing produce in your back garden and the growing interest in provenance.”

Corroborating this, Waitrose has shared that searches on its website for British chicken, beef and vegetables were up well over 200% in recent months. Likewise, sales of UK-sourced fish, cheese and wine in stores are also soaring.

The research coincides with the British Food Fortnight 2020, an event showcasing the very best of British food through cookery demonstrations, talks from leading people in the food world, nutritional advice, and more. “This year we have seen a huge rise in interest in British food and drink both from the public and business,” says Alexia Robinson, founder of the event. “We have seen communities coming together and rediscovering the importance and joy of buying local ingredients and supporting local producers.”

To ensure that your business is keeping up with these changes in consumer trends, check out our advice on how to adapt your retail strategy here.

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