Virtual Cheese Awards celebrate a British cheese renaissance as it opens entries to 2024 awards

11 March 2024, 12:43 PM
  • The UK’s only 100% online cheese awards, the Virtual Cheese Awards, which supports and celebrates the best of British cheese, has opened entries for its 2024 awards
Virtual Cheese Awards celebrate a British cheese renaissance as it opens entries to 2024 awards

Entry to the awards is open to all British cheese producers across 38 individual cheese classes for Cheddar, territorial, enhanced, artisan cheese from own herd, speciality and blue cheese categories. Entries to the 2024 awards close on Monday 18th March 2024 and can be entered online:

The Virtual Cheese Awards was founded in 2020 by cheese expert Sarah de Wit to celebrate and support Britain’s world-leading cheese industry. It aims to demystify cheese awards by making the judging process completely transparent and open to everyone. This unique process helps celebrate creativity and gives cheesemakers valuable feedback from some of the most influential cheese experts in the country.

The 2023 Virtual Cheese Awards was won by Montgomery Mature Traditional Cheddar, which fought off 250 other British cheeses to be crowned Supreme Champion and Best of British Cheese.

A live Virtual Cheese Awards 2024 final will be held on Wednesday 15th May 2024 hosted by broadcaster and local food and drink champion, Nigel Barden. It will be broadcast live on the Virtual Awards website, and on Facebook and YouTube live.

Sarah de Wit, co-founder of Virtual Cheese Awards said: “We are in the middle of a glorious British cheese renaissance which is putting the spotlight on the wonderfully innovative and delicious cheeses being made by dedicated and passionate cheesemakers up and down the country. Our awards celebrate the richness of this British cheese revolution and allows consumers to find out about artisan producers who wouldn’t normally get the attention.

“We expect this year’s awards to be incredibly competitive and I’m sure our panel of cheese experts will have a tough time choosing the winners. Our judging process is completely transparent and offers informed insight to cheesemakers, big and small.”

The 2024 awards will also include three Recognising Excellence awards, where individuals can nominate someone in the cheese industry that they think have gone above and beyond in championing British cheese. These awards are FREE to enter.
· Young Cheesemaker of the Year
· Cheese Hero award
· New Cheesemaker of the Year

There is also a Sustainability Trophy, which recognises cheese businesses which are innovating in the field of sustainability and farming.

Judges for the 2024 awards will include cheese buyers from Waitrose along with the affineurs from Rennet & Rind, Paxton & Whitfield, Neals Yard Dairy and along with cheese aficionado and author Emma Young, aka The Cheese Explorer.

Nigel Barden, host of the Virtual Cheese Awards, said: “Cheese is something that in this country that we do well, really well in fact. It is an industry full of innovators and inspiring people who are truly passionate about making great cheese and they deserve all the praise we can give them!”

The Virtual Cheese Awards is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability and success of the British cheese industry which is why it has created a bursary with the Specialist Cheesemakers Association to support artisan cheesemakers. In 2024, the awards will fund up to 10 places to attend the Science of Artisan Cheesemaking Conference, which takes place in Somerset in August.

The conference is a mecca for artisan cheesemakers and brings together over 100 cheese producers, scientists and members of the cheese industry to share practical and technical information on all facets of cheesemaking.

Entry to the 2024 awards is £40 + VAT per cheese or 3 cheeses for £100 + VAT. Entries close on Monday 18th March. Enter on

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