Demand for vegan and keto brands will continue to rise, says Whole Foods

09 October 2020, 09:46 AM
  • With more consumers seeking a flexitarian, healthy diet, Whole Foods Market is looking to add more small vegan and keto diet brands to its shelves
Demand for vegan and keto brands will continue to rise, says Whole Foods

Over the next year, demand for vegan and keto diet products is set to continue rising, according to Jade Hoai, director of purchasing and operations at Whole Foods Market. The vegan trend saw a boost over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, and with more consumers looking to adopt flexitarian and healthy diets, it seems that this trend is only going to grow.

In fact, Whole Foods is on the lookout for new vegan and keto diet brands to add to its shelves in 2021 – and as a brand that many smaller-scale shops can look to as a source of inspiration, independents may want to take note. “Both of these segments are going to continue to grow for the remainder of this year and into next year, and we really want to find these really unique and emerging brands out there and give them the opportunity and platform to succeed and highlight some great offers,” Jade said.

Through the Open Pitch Day, brands will have the chance to pitch their product to the company’s team of expert buyers with the possibility of landing a spot with the Amazon-owned retailer. “Whole Foods Market has high-quality standards and environmental stewardship values, so we’re looking for brands that align with our purpose. We want to nourish people and the planet, so finding partners who believe that same ethos and values is really important to us.”

The retailer aims to champion small brands by giving unique, locally made products the chance to flourish on their shelves – something that independent retailers have long recognised as a key way of supporting the industry “There’s a real affinity and value that customers seek out specifically new and local brands. We know that it is an appeal to customers when they come in looking for products,” Jade said.

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