31 August 2022, 09:21 AM
Cheese Sachets

A vast assortment of cheeses in different cuts and formats, to enrich with taste and creativity every possible lunch dish: this is the offer from DalterFood Group for the food industries in Italy and abroad that create salads using IV range products, a segment in continuous expansion especially during the summer, as well as companies that create complete kits containing pre-sliced cured meats or carpaccio in combination with cheese flakes and dressings. The most popular cuts include flakes, shavings, ribbons, fillets and cubes, while there are two types of pack: the practical single-serving sachets which can be inserted into kits (the sachets are hygienic and consumers are free to use them as they prefer), or the industrial use bags/trays, used by companies who portion various loose ingredients directly in the product.