11 November 2022, 12:17 PM
Gruyère AOP

Made in western Switzerland, Gruyère AOP has been produced in the same way since 1115AD, using raw milk from cows fed on grass in summer and hay in winter. The skilled cheesemakers use 400 litres of fresh milk to make a single 35kg Gruyère AOP wheel. It is the only cheese that has won the title of Best Cheese in the World at the World Cheese Awards four times, which just goes to show how much work and skill is needed to create its unique and delicious flavour. Gruyère AOP can be found with different maturities: the Classic is matured for a minimum of five months and has a delicate, nutty, creamy flavour. The Reserve is matured for a minimum of ten months and has a drier, more grainy mouthfeel, with a stronger flavour. The age brings a difference in taste but the recipe always stays the same.