18 November 2022, 12:48 PM
Smashed Apple Cider

Smashed is an independent British craft drinks brand that focuses 100% on producing 0% beer, lagers and ciders that taste so good you wouldn’t realise there wasn’t any booze in them.

Its Great British Food award-winning Smashed Apple cider starts life as a real British 5% ABV cider produced by Herefordshire craft cider producer, Celtic Marches.  Smashed then uses its state-of-the-art cool vacuum distillation process to gently lift out the alcohol, leaving behind a cider that tastes just like the real thing.

Its delicious Smashed Apple cider is a golden liquid made from Real British cider and bubbling with a summer aroma of English apples.

The full Smashed range is available through Cottage Delight or direct from Drynks.