27 November 2023, 10:29 AM
Versatile and unforgettable blue cheese

Harrogate Blue by Shepherds Purse is a golden-bodied creamy, soft blue cheese, still made on the family farm by the Bell family and their dedicated small, passionate team.

Since its launch, Harrogate Blue has become a firm favourite across the UK and beyond. World Cheese Awards judge, Victoria Urresti, noted it as, “beautiful, creamy, buttery moist, full bodied. Savoury and salty. Becomes creamier in the mouth. Perfect cheese”. While French judge Roland Barthélemy commented, “exceptional cheese, incredible lingering taste in the mouth. So much personality, it is an honour to taste this”.
The versatile blue sits well on any cheeseboard, makes great pairings, and livens up even the simplest of recipes. A salad with roasted pear and pecans is one of the team’s favourite, or simply stir cubes of Harrogate Blue into mashed potato.