Declaring a climate emergency

01 July 2019, 08:32 am
Speciality Bites by Paul Hargreaves

I am asking you this week to apply pressure to your company to join Cotswold Fayre and many other businesses in declaring a climate emergency.

If you are a director, then just do it.  Of course, this cannot be simply words, it, by necessity, will involve action too.  It will mean thinking of climate as much as profits, it will mean that money doesn’t make all your decisions for you.  If there is a cheap solution that is bad for the climate and a more expensive one that is carbon neutral, then you will take the latter option.

Many suppliers within the speciality food sector have been thinking along these lines for years and already there are around 10 of our suppliers certified as B Corps.  Many consumers make purchasing decisions every day based on whether brands are good for the planet and good for the people that make the products.  So, if you are making the world a slightly better place with your products, tell us, so we can buy into your brand a little more often.

One area, until recently, that we hadn’t seen much change in behaviour is retailers.  But I have seen a few encouraging signs recently.  At Cotswold Fayre we have recently landed a big chunk of business because of our ethical and environmental credentials.  And I had a meeting with another key customers last week, who has been doing loads for het environment and community and thinking of looking towards B Certification.  Both these retailers daily make decisions for people and the planet at the same level as profit.  And I do believe that consolidating more deliveries, however, you do that is a key part of the solution to greening up your supply chain.

Yet sadly, most retailers in the sector do not factor in the environment with their decision-making.  Many freely admit that they have far too many white vans turning up at their back door every day – up to 50 in some cases – belching out diesel fumes.  With a little thought and organisation this 50 could reduce to 40, then to 30, then to 20…..  with the associated massive reduction in carbon footprint.  We all need to move to carbon neutrality and we don’t need to be perfect immediately, but why not start this week with the things within your power to change.

Join Cotswold Fayre in declaring a climate emergency this week.

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