Speciality Bites with

Paul Hargreaves

Chief executive of Cotswold Fayre
  • Leadership is…

    04 February 2019 Speciality Bites
    This week I thought I would return to a subject I have look at previously: leadership, and, more to the point, good leadership
  • Some trends for 2019

    28 January 2019 Speciality Bites
    So, early in 2019 what are the trends coming through for 2019?
  • 2019: A year of change

    21 January 2019 Speciality Bites
    We are living in a time where our sociological, political, environmental and business environment are changing faster than ever before
  • Why I wrote a book

    14 January 2019 Speciality Bites
    That's a question I asked myself when after many busy weeks running my company, Cotswold Fayre, I spent most weekends in the garden during summer 2018 furiously typing away on my laptop
  • Time to reflect

    03 January 2019 Speciality Bites
    Many people love the build-up to Christmas, and so do I. The build-up to the big day, the buying and wrapping of presents and going to a candlelit carol service are all part of an annual rhythm that resonates with...
  • Taking Time Out

    03 December 2018 Speciality Bites
    In a week’s time I shall be walking along the banks of a river in India on a week’s retreat with some other UK business leaders. I know very little about the trip except that a friend has highly recommended it...
  • Negotiation

    19 November 2018 Speciality Bites
    I’m sure I’m not the only business person that has watched incredulously as this Brexit negotiation continues. Incredulous because of those who expected to get exactly what they want in a negotiation in which they hold none of the trump cards
  • Appreciation

    12 November 2018 Speciality Bites
    On attending a performance in London’s West End this weekend and talking afterwards we were reflecting on what an unusual job it is being a stage actor. Working at night, spending hours each day being made-up and months of practice before...
  • What’s changed in the last 20 years?

    05 November 2018 Speciality Bites
    I am starting to think about how we celebrate 20 years of Cotswold Fayre next year.
  • Consolidation Benefits the Planet

    25 October 2018 Speciality Bites
    We had a ‘first’ this week; a supplier announcing on social media that we had de-listed him. The announcement went as follows: “DE-LISTED NEWS! .. we’ve been dumped by COTSWOLD FAYRE ... long story short, it’s been like a marriage that’s...
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