Speciality Bites with

Paul Hargreaves

Chief executive of Cotswold Fayre
  • A Measure of Success?

    21 September 2020 Speciality Bites
    For many decades countries have measured their status in the world by something called, Gross Domestic Product (GDP). These numbers are put into a league table with the most powerful nations at the top, and the poorest nations at the...
  • Focus on Independents

    14 September 2020 Speciality Bites
    It is a well-reported phenomenon how well local independent food retailers have done during the pandemic. Both their embeddedness in the local community and their commitment and delivery of better and more compassionate service have contributed to these independent retailers...
  • Business Governance post Covid?

    07 September 2020 Speciality Bites
    So will there be lasting change in business culture for 2021, or will the questions that have been asked of business leaders during Covid be pushed back down again? Potentially, things could go back to how they were at...
  • To go or not to go back to the office

    01 September 2020 Speciality Bites
    In the week that the government urged all workers back to the office and then seemed to change their mind yet again, many companies are thinking about what the world of work looks like post #Covid. Some businesses have already...
  • Doing More

    24 August 2020 Speciality Bites
    We are just going through two audits at Cotswold Fayre. One is our B Corp re-certification, due every three years and the other is our first carbon neutral audit. Processing the information on both has made me feel both a...
  • Polarisation, Pivoting and Positivity

    17 August 2020 Speciality Bites
    In this very strange year, I have tried from time to time to step back and try and take a bird’s eye view of the goings on within our country, communities and businesses. In the early days of the pandemic...
  • Self-sacrificial Leadership

    10 August 2020 Speciality Bites
    My son after watching my weekly video that match these blogs let me know that he thought that I was coming across as being too intense on the video and needed to lighten up a bit. If that is...
  • Resilience

    03 August 2020 Speciality Bites
    Continuing my series on characteristics of good leadership there has been a lot of talk about one of my Top 50 during the pandemic, and that is ‘resilience’.
  • The Golden Quarter

    27 July 2020 Speciality Bites
    So, we have seen a huge move to local shopping which has benefited many retailers in the speciality food sector, and those supplying them, but now the big question is how this will translate into the “Golden Quarter”, the last three...
  • Inequality

    20 July 2020 Speciality Bites
    I mentioned last week that the key workers in our society, the health workers, the care workers, the van drivers and the supermarket workers earning less in a year than the owner of Amazon earns in one minute.
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