Speciality Bites with

Paul Hargreaves

Chief executive of Cotswold Fayre
  • Becoming a B Corp

    20 September 2021 Speciality Bites
    With an ever-increasing interest in becoming a B Corp from the food and drink sector, here are some tips if you want to join the growing community of 80+ food and drink companies out of 650 in the UK.
  • Top trend predictions for Christmas 2021

    13 September 2021 Speciality Bites
    Paul Hargreaves, CEO of Cotswold Fayre, offers nine trends that the speciality food sector can expect this festive season...
  • Self-sacrifice: The importance of building a leadership legacy centred on others

    31 August 2021 Speciality Bites
    There have been many amazing stories of self-sacrifice to come out of the tragedy of 9/11, but none more inspiring than that of Richard Rescorla, a British-American Vietnam War vet.
  • Undercover Boss

    09 August 2021 Speciality Bites
    I was looking forward to watching the new series of Undercover Boss on ITV which has been re-named Undercover Big Boss – don’t be deceived, it is just the same as the previous series.
  • Can/should bosses really be close friends with their staff?

    02 August 2021 Speciality Bites
    The traditional answer to this question is “no” and some may argue that friendships at work make it difficult to address issues of performance management, others might think that work and pleasure don’t mix and still others say that bosses should keep...
  • Generosity

    05 July 2021 Speciality Bites
    Generosity from leaders makes business better in all aspects, yet few businesses have discovered the benefits that accompany being generous of spirit.
  • We are now retailers too!

    21 June 2021 Speciality Bites
    So, the week has arrived at last when I become a retailer as well as a wholesaler. What a journey it has been.
  • We need leaders, not managers

    07 June 2021 Speciality Bites
    I’ve mentioned before that not many people can give me the name of someone when asked at interview who has inspired them most from their previous work life. This is because most people have only experienced management not leadership.
  • Being joyful

    24 May 2021 Speciality Bites
    There’s a story I told in my first book, Forces for Good, about a man called Dexter, who was a toll-charge collector on the Golden Gate Bridge across San Francisco Bay. Despite doing a humble job, Dexter always came to work...
  • What next?

    17 May 2021 Speciality Bites
    Our financial year end is March, so when we were putting together this current year’s business plan, we had no idea what to expect, as, of course, the first lockdown started last March.
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