5 minutes with Benjamin Blum-Boukobza, Yofi

14 December 2022, 08:32 AM
  • We spoke to Benjamin Blum-Boukobza, founder of Yofi plant-based milk, about what inspires him, his favourite part of his job, and his motto
5 minutes with Benjamin Blum-Boukobza, Yofi

What would you be doing if you weren’t in the food industry?
In my previous working life, I was working as a financial advisor for main banks, I would keep doing this.

What was your first job?
I did work as a private banker for the bank Pictet.

What inspires you?
People who dedicate their time and energy to make this world a better place for all of us including animals.

What’s the worst job you’ve done?
I will call all my previous jobs “experience”, so I won’t say I did something terrible, I have just learned what I do like and what I don’t!

What’s your favourite part of your job?
My favourite part of this job is meeting like-minded people, having talks, and exchanging with them. I see so much kindness. It feels good as well to be backed by such a strong and active community of people who want to build a better world.

And your least favourite?
The administrative part of running a company.

How about the food industry?
I think that the food industry is mainly (only) driven by profit. I am still happy to see big industrials making the shift to a more plant-based offer, it means they understand that this is the expectation from the consumers. Food is such an important thing and has a huge impact on our health, environment and animals. We say that we are what we eat, so I hope soon we will be able to adopt an ethical way of eating.

What would be your last supper?
I am too young to answer.

What’s your motto?
Let love and compassion be your guide

What’s your favourite book?
This is Vegan Propaganda by Earthling Ed.

Sweet or savoury?
Do we really have to choose? I like to have a main dish and a dessert!

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