Start Ups

  • Bean-to-bar chocolate maker named Supreme Champion of New Producer Awards 2018

    05 October 2018 News
    After eight presentations from category winners at Bread and Jam Fest, a panel of judges selected Bullion Chocolate as the overall winner for the 2018 New Producer Awards
  • Launching a new food or drink brand

    28 September 2018 Start-Ups
    Richard Horwell, MD of Brand Relations, shares his advice on getting to market
  • Get your marketing fit for business

    25 September 2018 Start Ups
    No matter the size of your business, effective marketing will help strengthen and expand your customer base, but how can you get your business or product in front of the right people at the right time? Steve Curzon, MD at Curzon Marketing is here to help
  • “Trust your gut”

    21 September 2018 Start-Ups
    It’s all about trusting yourself, says Cecily Mills, founder of organic, dairy-free ice cream brand, Coconuts Naturally. As an entrepreneur, you need big reserves of self-belief if you’re going to ask others to believe in you
  • “Collaboration is the name of the game”

    03 September 2018 News
    Ellen Manning discovers that two heads (or more) really is better than one when it comes to creating success in food and drink
  • Meet The Top 40

    28 August 2018 News
    Speciality Food’s New Producer Awards are underway. Here, we showcase the brands that have beaten hundreds of other entries to be shortlisted for these illustrious prizes
  • New Producer Awards shortlist announced

    28 August 2018 News
    After much consideration, Speciality Food has whittled down a list of hundreds of entries to a 40-strong shortlist of startups of its New Producer Awards
  • Coming up with an innovative idea

    23 August 2018 Start-Ups
    The first part of bringing a product to market? Coming up with a genuinely new concept, as Richard Horwell of Brand Relations explains
  • How to: start a cheese business

    20 August 2018 News
    Whether you're looking to get into cheese-mongering or making, Andy Swinscoe, co-owner of The Courtyard Dairy, walks us through setting the early steps of setting up a cheese-related business
  • “It’s expensive being a small brand – it’s simply not fair”

    06 August 2018 Start-Ups
    The fundamental laws of economics suggest that smaller brands will always be at a commercial disadvantage. It’s time to challenge this very costly thinking, says Chris Green, co-founder of Young Foodies
  • “The world of start-ups is brutal”

    29 June 2018 News
    Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, founder of The Black Farmer, walks us through the trials and tribulations of forging and running and food and drink brand
  • 10 start-ups to watch

    16 June 2018 News
    Tara Sundramoorthi, co-founder of Bread & Jam and founder of Hotcakes, highlights the new brands you need to know
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