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Charles Campion

Food writer and critic
  • “Less is more… more or less”

    17 May 2016 Fine Food
    No sooner had the audience figures nudged over a monster 13 million than the producers of the Great British Bake Off intensified their hunt for a spin off. Something without Mel, Sue and their particular brand of innuendo but hanging...
  • “Singing the blessing”

    22 April 2016 Fine Food
    Food awards come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s not often that the first job of the judges is to sing along with the “blessing of the pies” – words by the Reverend Kevin Ashby and appropriately enough set to the...
  • “Sausage wars”

    15 March 2016 Fine Food
    When it comes to enthusiasm for sausages and pies I bow to no man. For me the humble snorker plays a pivotal role on many menus, filling the gap between lumps of meat various and those more complicated dishes that...
  • “Back to Basics”

    29 January 2016 Fine Food
    February is a particularly sullen month. Wallets are still smarting from Christmas, credit cards sulk and anyone running a restaurant is hanging on for St Val’s day in the hope that a dose of spurious romance will kick start the dining...
  • “Through a glass darkly”

    21 December 2015 Fine Food
    Towards the end of December, the editors of large newspapers start to fret about what stories they should be running in their New Year editions
  • “Time for a cool yule”

    06 November 2015 Fine Food
    Christmas lies across the calendar like a fallen tree and blocks out sensible behaviour from early November until Twelfth Night in January
  • “Old dog or new tricks?”

    20 October 2015 Fine Food
    There are two powerful forces at work in everyone who shops for food and drink. On the one hand there is the allure of the new, while on the other is the comfort of what is old and established
  • “Do local rules apply?”

    24 August 2015 Fine Food
    Year on year, our ongoing obsession with “local” foods is tested to the limit. The idea that responsible foodies should shop locally, and in tune with the seasons, is a good one, but rules are there to be broken
  • “K.I.S.S.”

    07 July 2015 Fine Food
    No one places as much store by a fortuitous acronym than those toiling in the creative departments of advertising agencies. Nothing convinces a client like a handful of carefully chosen words that have been transformed into a neat sales aid
  • “The alchemy of books”

    21 May 2015 Fine Food
    Speaking as someone who only feels really comfortable in a small office with 2,500 cookbooks lining the walls, there is something very reassuring about recipe books. Look up even the simplest dish and you’ll find a variety of different methods and...
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