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Charles Campion

Food writer and critic
  • “Fashion or for keeps?”

    19 February 2020 Fine Food
    By and large we Brits are a tolerant bunch, which is a good thing given the lightning speed of change in the food and drink sector.
  • “New year and new possibilities”

    09 January 2020 Fine Food
    Thank goodness we have the New Year to jingle in our pockets.
  • “What is in a name?”

    18 November 2019 Fine Food
    It has become fashionable for marketeers to revise their view of brand identity.
  • “The art of shopping”

    06 October 2019 Fine Food
    Having successfully negotiated a summer that has seen us giving Boris the benefit of the doubt, we are now head down and tail up peddling hard in the race towards Christmas.
  • “The Joy of Lists”

    11 September 2019 Fine Food
    So how was your summer? Time to savour traditional seasonal attractions… Sunny Glastonbury… Cricket’s World Cup.
  • “Jellyfish”

    02 September 2019 Fine Food
    The thoughtful diner’s watchword is that “you cannot have anything better than exactly what you want.”
  • “A pinch of flavour”

    18 July 2019 Fine Food
    It’s as if two teams of research scientists have gone to war… firstly there are the white-coated folk who champion new products and try to find the next wonder food, while at the other extreme laboratories start by listing the dire...
  • “Bring on the afternoon telly”

    19 March 2019 Fine Food
    The signs are all there and after studying the runes the BBC has devised a winning programme for that difficult afternoon telly slot.
  • “How did you get on with Veganuary?”

    12 February 2019 Fine Food
    Last year saw the rise and rise of vegan food. 'Plant-based food' became a watchword for a new kind of dish and it quickly became a case of be there or be square.
  • “New year, new possibilities”

    04 January 2019 Fine Food
    In 2018, shopping as a pastime stumbled down a steep step and somewhere a hard-pressed hack staring at a screen full of emails had a lightbulb moment as he (or she) coined the phrase “the death of the high street”
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