Animal Welfare Means Everyone’s A Winner

28 October 2008, 15:32 PM
  • The RSPCA Good Business Awards, that recognise companies with top animal welfare policies, have honoured retail store, Pepperfield Farm, for the second year running.

“Meat from animals reared with a high standard of welfare tastes superb, so everyone’s a winner,” says owner, Terence Laheney. “The animals because they had a good life and the consumers because what they eat is much tastier.

“Take chicken, for example. They are not supposed to be eaten after only 30 days. Our birds are still little chicks after this time – it takes them around six months to be ready for slaughter and, as a result, they taste much better.”

Animal welfare is at the heart of Mr Laheney’s business. For example, his pigs roam free in the woodland and develop fantastic flavours. “Animal welfare has always been our priority,” Mr Lahoney comments. “If you have to kill animals for food then you should give them a decent life and treat them with respect.

He also believes that the interest in animal welfare is growing. “My customers are very receptive to my efforts. Many of them spend a lot of time asking questions. They really want to know more about what they are eating.”

Dr Geoff Spriegel, one of the award judges, adds, “Retailers of all sizes are now finding creative ways to turn animal welfare issues to business benefit – a key to sustainable improvement. The excellent policies implemented by Pepperfield Farm demonstrate that it’s not just the big supermarket brands that have made strides to improve animal welfare. There is growing consumer demand for higher welfare meat, eggs and dairy products, and smaller independent food retailers can be perfectly placed to help meet those demands.”

Photography: Andrew Forsyth / RSPCA

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