Award For Ireland’s Oldest Independent Brewer

29 July 2013, 13:24 PM
Award For Ireland’s Oldest Independent Brewer

The convention, hosted by Alltech, awarded gold, silver and bronze medals to some 70 medals to beers from over 100 countries. Beers from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania were represented in an event whose 12 judged decided the medal winners of eight beer categories on appearance, aroma, flavour, body, style and quality.

Overall Winner was Twisted Hop, from Ireland’s oldest independent, the Hilden Brewing Company. Well-known craft beers sold through supermarkets such as the Sierra Nevada’ American Pale Ale did well but lesser-known names such as the Left Hand Brewing Company (USA) and the Ben Middlemiss Brewing (New Zealand) came away with gold medals for their Milk Stout and Nota Bene respectively.

Mark Lyons, vice president Alltech, also gave an eye-opening presentation on the potential markets in China. “Twenty years ago, beer in China was a foreign experience,” he said. “Now, China has grown to become the largest beer market in the world, with the Chinese consuming one in four beers produced globally.” This is why, he said, “the future is here and it’s called China.”

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