British Champagne Drinking Booms

21 October 2013, 08:00 AM
  • A recent survey has revealed that half of the British population isn’t aware that Champagne originates from France. Television shows in the past few years have promoted the consumption of the beverage by younger drinkers, leading the UK to be named as its second biggest consumer
British Champagne Drinking Booms

The research shows that almost 20 per cent of 25-34 year olds purchase Champagne at least once every week, with only 40 per cent being aware of where it is produced. Consumers aged 55 and over are more knowledgeable, with nearly 70 per cent of drinkers able to identify its country of origin and almost half being able to tell the difference between a cheap and top quality glass.

Joël Claustre, Champagne operations director at Searcy’s said, “The research showed us that people like to drink Champagne but many don’t really know anything about it and therefore don’t know how to recognise quality and value for money. “Champagne purchasing amongst younger people is growing rapidly and yet many are admitting that they would not be able to tell a great Champagne from a poor one as they don’t know what they’re looking for. We will be doing complimentary tastings throughout the week so that people can find what they like and talk to our experts so that they can begin to appreciate Champagne in the same way that knowledge of wines has grown.”

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