Butcher’s Shop of the Year Announced

05 December 2012, 14:29 PM
  • A Leamington Spa-based shop has been awarded the title of Butcher's Shop of the Year 2012
Butcher’s Shop of the Year Announced

Aubrey Allen received the accolade for its outstanding quality, value for money and service to customers.

It was also recognised for its butchery school and hot food service.

Russell Allen, managing director for Aubrey Allen, said, “We are all just so thrilled to win what is the most coveted award in our industry. I think it’s the greatest accolade you can have. It’s really nice to be recognised by your peers, which is what this award is all about.

“We have always strived for quality since being established by my grandfather in 1933 and this ultimate tribute is testimony to all the hard work over nearly 80 years and our continued loyal customer support from around the UK. This award will give people more confidence to buy from Aubrey Allen as they will now officially be buying from the best.”

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