26 January 2007, 19:00 PM
  • According to new research, 59% of consumers want to see food retailers displaying fresh meat in separate, clearly marked shelf space by country of origin, so they can make a more informed decision before purchasing.

The NOP survey for the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX), also found 60% of those questioned believed restaurants should provide written information on the country of origin of the meat they serve.

The strongest response came from the most economically disadvantaged sector of the population, where 65% wanted separate retail space and 63% wanted origin information when eating out.

EBLEX chief executive, Richard Ali, said, “These results show consumers are now looking for better signposting to help them make a clear and informed choice when purchasing fresh meat from the retail shelf.

“Retailers need to lead the way by going beyond simple labelling and providing their customers with separate, clearly marked shelf space by country of origin.” He adds, “Consumers’ desire for more informed choice at retail echoes similar numbers believing that restaurants should do more to tell customers on the menu or elsewhere where their fresh meat comes from. The most progressive retailers and restaurateurs are already providing the context that consumers are asking for. By improving the way information is provided, consumers can make positive choices and help the entire food chain meet the challenges of sustainability.”