06 September 2017, 04:25 AM
  • Claire Burnet, co-founder of Chococo, shares some valuable visual merchandising advice that she has gained when running her Chococo Chocolate Houses
How To: Display Chocolate

Having well-designed and packaged products is important. Over the years we’ve worked closely with design companies on our packaging and have created a strong visual identity that our customers recognise and that we are really proud of.

Good display units and props are important. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on them, as we’ve found when setting up each of our Chocolate Houses – well-made units that allow you to play with the space that you display the products on are really effective.

Relevant and eye-catching point of sale materials are good props that can help to create a vibrant display. We use little wooden clipboards with POS leaflets attached to them to highlight certain product lines and to provide simple but essential information on the products for customers.

When you are merchandising it’s so important not to oversaturate your customer’s eyes. Too much and it will look busy, too little and it won’t be interesting. Always think about balancing the urge to get your product out on sale and making an attractive display that will engage customers and get them buying.

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