Mr Trotter Releases Chestnut Ale

27 August 2013, 11:52 AM
  • Mr Trotter, brainchild of food writers Tom Parker-Bowles and Matthew Fort, has worked alongside beer aficionado Rupert Ponsonby to produce a bottled chestnut beer for the UK market
Mr Trotter Releases Chestnut Ale

The beverage combines sweet roasted chestnuts with malted Maris Otter barley to create a flavour new to British consumers.

Rupert Ponsonby said, “The chestnuts give a nutty creaminess to the brew and a honeyed note, which balances the spiciness of the English-grown Cascade and Bramling Cross hops. Mr Trotter’s has deep, sweet sourdough flavours, and tastes bolder than its lowly 4%ABV.”

The idea was inspired by a trip to Lancaster Brewery which Matthew Fort took a year ago. The love that pigs have for chestnuts is well-documented, so he felt the time was right for the pig-fronted brand to produce a chestnut ale.

Tom Parker Bowles said, “This is a fine ale, with a long, languorous finish, and wonderful balance too. And it works wonders with both Mr Trotter’s Original Pork Crackling, and Mr Trotter’s new Jalapeno Chilli flavour.”

With regards to serving temperature, the Mr Trotter team advised that “Chestnut Ale is best served at 10-12 degrees – only very lightly cooled.” Rupert Ponsonby added, “Fierce chilling of the chestnut will limit its honeyed aromas.”

Brewed by Lancaster Brewery Ltd, Mr Trotter’s Great British Chestnut Ale has been launched in Selfridges, with a new listing in Booths Supermarkets in the North West. It will be made available to garden centres, farm shops and delis from October.

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