Perfect Pies Are Rewarded

29 October 2010, 18:11 PM
  • A fine food store in Milton has been entitled the 'Taste Of Bassetlaw' following an awards ceremony in Welbeck

The staff at Mellors Farm Shop in Tuxford, Newark are celebrating after beating off five foodie finalists.

The ceremony took place at the Welbeck Estate’s School Of Artisan Food, and the award was presented by TV chef Richard Fox, author of the Food And Beer Cookbook and star of British beer documentary, Men Brewing Badly.

The owner of the store, Pete Mellor comments, ““I think what we do is produce not just pies and pasties and all kinds of pork products, but we put 110%  in and we use quality ingredients – and that’s exactly what the chef was saying, if you put quality in, you get quality out,” he said.

Mr Fox, who bestowed Mr Mellor with his awards said he had been impressed by produce from each business. “As a chef, this is what it’s all about. I’ve done lots of cookery demonstrations in the Notts area, but this is a total eye-opener for me,” he said.

“One of the great things about this, is that it’s local and regional producers producing stuff with natural ingredients.

“What I love is, for example, the pork pies – the pie maker knows exactly what colour he wants on different parts of the crust. These ones are absolutely fantastic,” Mr Fox adds.

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