01 July 2013, 11:31 AM
  • An artisan oil and vinegar producer and importer has decided to rebrand its range to impart a clearer message to consumers
Rebrand for Fine Oil and Spice Company

The Fine Oil & Spice Company, based in Gloucestershire, sells various olive oils from Mediterranean estates, nut oils from the Lot and infused oils including flavours such as truffle, basil and chilli.

Carol Freeman, managing director of the company, said, “The first job we undertook, with a business consultant, was to analyse The Fine Oil and Spice brand, where we sat in the market, its product range and its positioning. We found that the products were loved by many but the message wasn’t clear. 

“Our focus on food and taste had drifted towards being a gift through our route to market and our packaging. We identified a gap and opportunity in the market to re-position and focus on taste, becoming a premium everyday product which takes a more educational approach to usage whilst creating an image that harked back to the UK’s history in sourcing amazing flavours from all over the world. The structure was changed for ease of usage, the messages were strengthened and ideas for product usage were better communicated.”

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