Second Success for Marimba Chocolate

19 June 2013, 08:28 AM
  • A Sudbury chocolatier has won a second award for its drinking chocolate
Second Success for Marimba Chocolate

Marimba World Chocolate was crowned winner of the ‘Café Beverage Award (Hot)’ category at this year’s Café Society Awards for its Hot Chocolate Melts.

The recognition for Marimba follows the recent success the team had at the Essential Café Trade Awards, where it was presented with a Highly Commended Award for the launch of the product.

Brad Wright, operations manager for Marimba World Chocolate, said, “What a fantastic year we are having so far; to win at the Café Society Awards for our Hot Chocolate Melt range is a great honour. Our team have worked hard to bring the product to market and so to be recognised by the industry here, as well as at the recent Essential Café Trade awards where we received highly commended, is a real achievement.

“I would like to thank our customers for supporting us in our quest to take drinking chocolate to a completely new level for all hot chocolate fans out there.”

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