28 July 2016, 16:52 PM
  • Retailers and consumers alike can learn a thing or two shares Selfridges' unique chocolate library. Here, the store's confectionery buyer Emma Murphy shares her knowledge
Selfridges: Lessons from Our Chocolate Library

1 Retailers can learn that chocolate houses can be accessible to all customers, irrelevant of retail price point – we can offer the most absolute luxurious range of single estate, artisanal bars alongside the fun and quirky, flavour-filled and mass-produced bars without discrimination

2 The Library teaches retailers that given the right merchandising solution they can help support small and upcoming brands find a space on shelf in a very competitive marketplace

3 The Library gives a platform for the customer to learn about the origin of cacao, its long history and its complex nature which is akin to coffee and wine, as well as various production methods and an understanding of how this all makes chocolate the ‘Food of the Gods’

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