Tips of the Trade: Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop

07 November 2016, 10:25 AM
  • Andre Birkett, manager of Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop, shares his top selling advice
Tips of the Trade: Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop

Andre’s top tip:

“Within the farm shop, Chatsworth has its own butchery, bakery and kitchen teams producing for the delicatessen. Our farms are supplying the butchery counter and kitchen, and the bakery supplies the shop and café. These are the things which keep us unique.

“Nobody’s hidden away; you can see butchers working on carcasses - including beef, lamb, venison and game - which allows our customers to see the full story behind the product. This openness means that we don’t need to tell the story as much as would have to otherwise, as they see the process for themselves.

“Our kitchen and bakery are visible too, and it’s really nice to see the bakers filling up the bakery section in the shop, and the chefs in the kitchen stocking up the deli counter with pies and other freshly-made foods. It all makes it real, which is invaluable.”

Andre’s dos and don’ts:

● Stick to your principles
● Look after your customers
● Continue to develop staff with product knowledge and customer service skills
● Be proud of local and British produce
● Know your limitations

● Be tempted by cheap imitation food
● Be swayed by what others are doing

Read the full feature on Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop in the latest issue of Speciality Food, which is available to download for free here.

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