Behind the counter: BBQ season at Edwards of Conwy

10 May 2022, 08:04 AM
  • Ieuan Edwards, founder of Edwards of Conwy shares the retailer's experience of BBQ season
Behind the counter: BBQ season at Edwards of Conwy

How important is BBQ season to Edwards as an independent butcher?
People love to cook outdoors but for BBQing quality is paramount. We believe customers recognise that and certainly, sales start to rocket when the sun comes out – our major supermarket customers have sophisticated weather forecasting systems and we get notified a few days ahead so we can meet demand.

What are your top sellers during the season?
Our pork sausages made from Red Tractor Assured pork shoulder always do well but our burgers are a favourite for the BBQ too, our Steak Burgers made from Protected Geographical Indication Welsh beef have always been popular and we’ve added chicken burgers to the range more recently to keep up with the growing demand for white meat. 

Do you bring in any new products for the summer months?
We have a dedicated Barbecue Season range which includes chicken burgers and our special hickory-smoked pork sausages, our website has some great BBQ ideas like griddled asparagus wrapped in our oak-smoked bacon and Asian burgers made with our pork sausage meat with ginger, chilli, coriander, and lime juice.

What kind of flavours work well with meat products for a BBQ?
Caramelised onions and a good quality barbecue sauce, preferably homemade, and try a rub of salt and black pepper with spices like smoked paprika and ground coriander.

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