How to make the most of frozen with Rupert Ashby, BFFF

23 March 2023, 14:56 PM
How to make the most of frozen with Rupert Ashby, BFFF

The frozen food category is worth £7.25bn, up 1.5% on last year. Like all areas of FMCG, the market is still levelling out after the Covid lockdowns and restrictions in 2020 which drove unprecedented retail growth.

The frozen category continues to attract new customers helped by innovative product development. That development is particularly seen in premium luxury products, meat-free, and Halal which all continue to drive growth and cater for varied dietary requirements.

The variety and specification of frozen products is vast, and still expanding. There is very little that cannot now be purchased from the frozen aisles.

However, the success of frozen ranges in fine food stores often depends on product selection and merchandising. Frozen foods should complement the other products on offer so that customers can easily create meals in their baskets, so it is important to understand your customer base and select ranges according to their preferences.

For example, shops that specialise in artisan bread can take advantage of great frozen bakery ranges, and retailers that offer speciality groceries could look to stock hand-finished pre-prepared meals.

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