Low/no brands to watch in 2023 with Laura Willoughby, Club Soda

04 January 2023, 08:28 AM
  • Laura Willoughby, founder of Club Soda, reveals the hottest trends in low and no for 2023 and what you should be stocking
Low/no brands to watch in 2023 with Laura Willoughby, Club Soda

I think 2023 will see more wines in the market. In the US, over 70% of alcohol-free sales are wine. It has been the hero category there, whereas beer was the breakthrough category here. Oddbird and Noughty are well-placed to grow this year. I suspect the UK will begin to warm to alcohol-free wine and wine alternatives.

The other big area to look at is functional products. Drinks that give you something extra, be that relaxation, social buzz or a sneaky health uplift. Sentia and Three Spirits are the brands to watch.

It is also going to be another good year for beer. We are seeing mass adoption, and brands like Lucky Saint and Big Drop are showing every category what becoming mainstream looks like.

The options are wider than you think and could even include a premium sparkling tea like REAL or an alcohol-free mead like Bemuse. Your customers will love the tropical flavours from brands like Caléno; they have such bright branding that will really stand out in a display in January – if only they could bring the South American weather too!

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