How to cash in on low/no this summer with Laura Willoughby, Club Soda

22 May 2023, 07:47 AM
  • Laura Willoughby, founder of Club Soda, shares her favourite low/no thirst quenchers for the summer season
How to cash in on low/no this summer with Laura Willoughby, Club Soda

What’s trending in low/no?
The sales of alcohol-free wine have surged to unprecedented levels in the UK lately. All brands have perfected a great-tasting non-alcoholic still wine to complement their already fantastic range of sparkling wines.

The new Thomson & Scott Noughty Rosé is wowing our customers right now or try the new offering from France, Le Moderato. You can surprise your regulars with alternatives like REAL Drinks Sparkling Tea or Bemuse alcohol-free mead, particularly their wild raspberry which is summer in a can! Drinks that contain functional and mood-enhancing ingredients are also hot this year, with exciting offerings such as Sentia’s GABA-enhancing spirits and Three Spirit’s mood-boosting elixirs. We can’t stock them fast enough!

But never underestimate the power of beer. It is still a growing category in alcohol-free and is an easy fridge filler.

What alcohol-free drinks should speciality retailers be stocking for summer?
Grab some alcohol-free ciders like Maiden Mill or Sassy. They are great for a lunchtime addition to a sandwich in the park, and they are an easyoption for a garden get together. Over the summer months, you would think that all drinks only came in a canned, ready-to-drink format. Luckily, alcohol-free brands have got you covered. There are easy-to-drink simple serves from Lyre’s and Sea Arch, as well as canned cocktails.

Keep an eye out for the new, award-winning Pina Colada from Caleño. Don’t forget sparkling or rosé wines as well! There are lots of new offerings out there like Le Moderato and Oddbird – find one you love and then get it in for your customers.

What makes low/no great for the summer season?
People want to enjoy the great outdoors, but just like when they go out to the pub, they want something that they feel adds to the party atmosphere without compromising on taste. It’s a basic fact that if alcohol sales boom in summer, the demand for alcohol-free zooms up alongside it. The great moderation lifestyle is showing no signs of slowing, so make sure you have drinks that suit daytimes and the start of the week. Plus switching in the odd alcohol-free drink on a sunny day helps people manage the heady heat and drink combo that means we often drink more than we intend! You should be as proud of your range of alcohol-free drinks as you are your alcoholic offering, and the sales will follow your enthusiasm.

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