Generate extra sales with these perfect drinks pairings for cheese

12 April 2023, 13:57 PM
  • Five cheese retailers share what they love to drink with cheese, with plenty of upselling potential
Generate extra sales with these perfect drinks pairings for cheese

Don’t know what tipples to recommend to your customers to drink with their cheese? Find out what our cheese experts love to pour a glass of when they tuck into cheese.

Eleonore Deneuve, Cheezelo
I would often recommend having white wine with cheeses as my preference, as red wine tends to overtake the flavours of the cheeses unless you go with hard mature cheese, washed rind ripped soft cheeses or blue cheeses.

I also enjoy having coffee with cheeses, particularly an espresso with a semi-soft cheese like Tomme de Savoie, Morbier or a Saint Nectaire…just delicious in the morning! It brings floral notes to my brew. Funny enough, I hate drinking coffee or tea with milk, but love to have a piece or two of cheese on the side!

Mark Kacary, The Norfolk Deli
It all depends on the cheese and the mood. However, a glass of water helps to keep the palate clean so that each mouthful of cheese can be enjoyed for its flavours. I am also a big fan of either a Blackshuck Damson Port or Archangel Distillery Cardinalis which is a fortified sloe wine. They are Norfolk’s answer to a glass of port and if you’re indulging in a rich deep flavoured cheese who wouldn’t like a glass of port to go with it?

Chris Hallam, Chorlton Cheesemongers
There are few specifics, but I can pretty much guarantee that a good cider like the Townsend ciders from Herefordshire will go well with most cheeses, particularly the British territorials.

Vaik Lucas, The CheeseWorks
As a French native I thought I would never find anything that gives me the satisfaction that I get from wine paired with cheese. However, I would add the caveat that it does depend on the season and therefore the cheese that is available. Cheese and Port, Cheese and Beer or Cheese and Cider are also amazing experiences!

Toby Edwards, Friday Street Farm Shop
At the moment it’s the Adnams Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh (Dessert Wine), not just a great pairing with the Suffolk Blue but a fantastic one to have alongside any cheeseboard.

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