MAAZ Cheese takes the crown at ICDA

23 November 2021, 09:21 AM
MAAZ Cheese takes the crown at ICDA

The event, which was held for the first time at its new venue after being postponed due to Covid, saw the title of Supreme Champion of Cheese be awarded to Netherlands-based MAAZ Cheese BV’s Hommage Matured Aged Goat Cheese.

Jair Ehrhardt, commercial director of export at MAAZ Cheese BV, said he was proud of the win. “This truly shows that Veldhuyzen Kaas & MAAZ Cheese have a strong focus on the highest quality premium Dutch cheese specialties,” he told Speciality Food. “Our strength is our focus on quality, our knowledge of Dutch cheese and our clear selection of a unique, branded assortment which is already available in many countries across the globe.”

Tasting Hommage Matured is “an experience” Jair said. “For most people it is something they would never expect from a matured goat’s cheese. It is a full fat, 100% Dutch goat milk cheese, hard pressed, which we then traditionally age for at least 20 weeks. The flavour can be described as smooth and creamy at first, and then turns into a mildly sweet sensation with a clear taste of beautifully aged cheese.”

A Supreme Dairy Champion, in memory of George Lawrence MBW who was the previous show secretary, was also awarded to Delamere Dairy for its Goats’ Yogurt. Ed Salt, MD of Delamere Dairy said the group was “thrilled”. “The fact that our goats’ yogurt came out on top against more mainstream dairy entries is a testament to the quality and flavour that goats’ products can deliver. 

“It is particularly poignant we received the award in George’s name,” Ed continued. He was involved with Cheshire Young Farmers for years, knew Delamere Dairy’s founders and watched the company grow from its infancy. We feel really honoured to win this award, in its first year in memory of George.”

The ICDA is now 124 years old, and the move to Bingley Hall provided an ideal central location in the historically significant milk field, according to chairman Ian Luxton. “The social feedback has been exceptionally positive with supportive comments about the number of exhibits, the quality of the chefs and the organisation,” he told Speciality Food. “This is pleasing for our first year and a solid platform as we start planning for 2022.”

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