Edible luxuries: why premium snacks are trending

13 August 2021, 07:43 AM
  • Affordable luxuries have been a big winner of the lockdown period. Even as the economy reopens, customers won’t be able to resist an indulgent treat
Edible luxuries: why premium snacks are trending

If the challenges of 2020-21 have shown us anything, it’s that the comfort of a well-chosen edible indulgence works wonders. Consumers across the UK and beyond have been seeking solace in quality treats – in part to recreate some of the luxury of a dining-out experience in the home – and independent fine food retailers are perfectly placed to cater to this desire.

A Craft Bakers Association member survey carried out in late 2020 predicted that indulgent, comforting and nostalgic flavours are set to soar this year. From high-quality roasted nuts to cheesy snacks with enviable provenance, a considered stock of savoury treats is a smart and simple way to satisfy shoppers’ appetite for indulgence.

According to research from FMCG Gurus, 55% of consumers snack for an indulgent treat, while 48% snack to relax or unwind. “Consumers are prone to moments of indulgence and do not want to sacrifice taste,” the group said.

Indeed six of the top 10 new launches of 2020 were treats. Across biscuits, crisps and confectionery, these products capitalised on a surge of consumption during the pandemic, according to Kantar’s Most Valuable FMCG Launches of 2020.

For retailers wondering what to stock in this new era of snacking, classic indulgences will always ring true. Consider Cambrook’s Cocktail Mix No 6 nuts, which combine chilli cashews and peanuts, hickory smoked seasoned almonds and caramelised sesame hazelnuts; Seggiano’s Mini Flatbreads, which are handmade in Italy; or Davina Steel’s decadent, gluten-free Choc Chip & Orange Biscotti for those with a sweet tooth.

In addition to these traditional favourites, this year, in the absence of international holidays, consumers have been travelling via their taste buds. This movement has been just as present in the snack sector as it has been when it comes to full meals.

International inspirations, from Mitsuba’s Wasabi Peanut Crunch snacks to Loro Crisps’ Plantain Chips, have been given a breath of new life in the current climate. While these options may be omnipresent in their country of origin, they’re exciting additions to the UK retail market – and shoppers are snapping them up. After all, what could be more indulgent than travelling the world from the comfort of your sofa?

But indulgence also tends to go hand-in-hand with sweet delights, and for good reason. With more consumers working from home than ever before, the workday coffee break has turned into an occasion. How better to celebrate a 10-minute respite from your makeshift desk than with a sweet treat served alongside a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee?

There are plenty of options out there, from sugar-free caramel popcorn to nut mixers cut with dark chocolate chunks. Sweet sensations like Telstar’s Heavenly Cookies, which are low in calories but high in flavour, or Poggio Del Farro’s Spelt Bar with Oats & Nuts, which is 100% naturally sweetened and produced by expert bakers in Tuscany, blend enviable nutritional claims with a decadent treat – the perfect combination for today’s discerning customer.

To discover more of the latest trends in today’s snacking market, download Snack Buyer.

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