12 June 2023, 07:59 AM
  • Simon Jones, co-owner of Forest Deli, shares insight on how to stock up for summer snacking, and what his top picks are for 2023
Summer snacking must-stocks with Simon Jones, Forest Deli

Our best-selling crisps are Two Farmers which are locally made and have totally compostable packaging which many are aware of – and essentially the crisps are excellent quality. They come in standard bags, sharing bags and also big tins and are probably the only ambient product we order every week.

For a truly luxury crisp we have started stocking the Brets range of crisps which are imported by Victus Emporium; the Aioli and Summer Truffle flavours are an excellent bag to share if you have a few friends around for a glass of wine.

The snack range from Eat Real is all gluten-free and low in salt and is very popular for customers with children for that reason. Their range is made with lentils, chickpeas and vegetables so is a pleasure without too much guilt, and great value.

For those looking for something different we offer a range of loose olives sold by weight, which meets the need to budget and only buy what you need, and also customers bring their own pots in to reduce waste as well. We get those from Olives Et Al who also provide some quite unique snacks as well that are very popular.

The Sesame Peanuts and Chilli Puffs are superb to snack on, and really great for putting in bowls when the weather is nice enough to sit outside with friends. We find the best way to boost sales is to have samples and tasters out on the counter for people to try, if the product is good enough sales will boom, if they don’t, maybe the snacks are not the right ones!