05 August 2022, 06:01 AM
  • RTDs have their appeal as drinks to grab and go, but when stocking them consider wider consumer trends, advises Nick Gillett of Mangrove UK
Trend Spotlight: RTDs

- The taste for adventure – we seek new flavours, new moments to remember
- A focus on health and wellness, particularly for specific dietary requirements such as vegan
- An increasing interest in sustainability, authenticity and provenance
- Mindful drinking – with one in five people opting for low and no alcohol options
- Impact of social media and the need for instagrammable gratification
- Premiumisation – focusing on flavour profiles which are harder to replicate at home, or using ingredients that are less common in-store, will be key and increase consumer interest
- Those that can effectively tackle the calorie content with the double burden of alcohol and sugar will stand out from the pack