Australia’s superfood honeys exclusively on show at IFE

22 March 2024, 07:00 AM
  • Manuka and more! Visit the Australia Stand (3611) to discover Australia’s unique healing honeys coming to the UK
Australia’s superfood honeys exclusively on show at IFE

Some of the world’s most nutritious, rare and premium honey varieties come from the pristine, ancient forests of Australia.

UK retailers and buyers are invited to experience these unique varieties and meet with high grade honey suppliers at the Australia Stand (3611) at International Food & Drink Exhibition (IFE) at ExCel London from 25th to 27th March.

Australia’s biodiversity infuses powerful medicinal properties

The rich floral biodiversity of Australia’s native bushland, with a high concentration of rare flower species, produces bioactive honeys with scientifically proven medicinal properties, low GI and higher antimicrobial properties than many other honeys.

While Manuka honey has gained global popularity as one of nature’s sweetest superfoods, there are even more varieties of Australian honeys with exceptional medicinal benefits gaining popularity with health-conscious consumers across the globe.

Jarrah, Karri and Marri honey are found nowhere else in the world. These varieties are sourced from native flowering trees in Western Australia’s famed south-west biodiversity hotspot, where more than 8000 rare species of wildflowers bloom.

These trees flower only once every few years, so there is an exclusive and limited supply available.

Connect to premium suppliers at IFE 2024

Forest Fresh has recently won a Great Taste Award for its raw bioactive honeys. At IFE, the brand is launching its new superfood product line, infusing delicious and nutritious flavours, some of which are native to Australia. These include cacao and chilli, cacao and Kakadu plum, truffle, ginseng, chilli, turmeric, ginger and pepper, ginger and lemon, cinnamon and Kakadu plum.

HoneyEx blends its 100% pure, single origin honey with cold-pressed, preservative-free ginger to produce its premium Australian Ginger Honey. Ginger is nature’s medicine, offering powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Gather By’s award-winning, raw honey products range from MGO 100, to the world’s highest MGO rating of 2200+. Gather By is committed to working with First Nation’s People and local communities to sustainably grow its Manuka plants.

Elixir Honey sustainably sources from its own 400 wild beehives. Its ‘slow honey’ approach delivers a mature, high-quality honey packed with natural occurring pollen and propolis to enhance health benefits.

Fewsters Farm specialises in organic, high-active Jarrah honey with extraordinary natural antimicrobial activity and high antioxidant content, alongside other beneficial vitamins and minerals promoting vitality and good health.

Australian Rare’s limited edition, luxury honey range is currently stocked in Harrods. Its single origin honey is raw unprocessed and cold extracted, with each batch carefully selected by a team of experts, scientists and sommeliers.

Western Honey Supplies produces unique varieties of pure Australian organic honey for sale in bulk - including Jarrah, Marri, Yarri, Blackbutt, Yate and Mallee.

Australian Natural Biotechnology offers 120 ranges of natural health products and prides itself as a leader in bionatural health. Alongside premium Jarrah, Multiflora and Eucalyptus honeys, its products infuse speciality flavours like bee venom, cranberry, lemon, wildflowers and more.

Discover more at the Australia Stand (3611)

From innovative wines, made from some of the oldest vines in the world, to sustainable beef, juicy citrus, and unique native Australian flavours, Australia is overflowing with amazing food and drink producers, delivering safe and sustainable world-class produce to global retail and hospitality partners.

There are more than 50 suppliers showcasing at the Australia Stand (3611) across beverages and wine, fresh produce, health foods, meat and seafood, and packaged foods. Download the Australia Exhibitor Directory. Want to connect with reliable and premium Australian suppliers? Contact the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) team in London to learn more.

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