Spotlight on: Ahmad Tea

20 July 2020, 11:07 AM
  • With a monumental shift towards health & wellness around the world, meet the family-owned UK tea company who understand that caring counts
Spotlight on: Ahmad Tea

Having earned a reputation as one of the finest tea brands in the world, it’s fair to say that Ahmad Tea – the UK-based family-owned tea company – understands a thing or two about the power of a good brew. Tea has the ability to bring people together, to comfort and unite, and in the ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in, this has never been more poignant.

A healthy shift
The advent of Covid-19 has created a monumental shift towards health and wellness around the world. Demand for functional food and drink is at an all-time high, according to The Grocer’s Functional Food & Drink Category Report, May 2020, as consumers prioritise their wellbeing, from improving sleep to boosting energy. Immunity in particular has taken the limelight. Interest in immuneboosting ingredients rose 66% (source: Tastewise Insights, March 2020) in the month to mid-March, a trend that is set to continue as people strive to stay healthy and ward off illness.

A caring cuppa
The new Natural Benefits range from Ahmad Tea, a collection of herbal and green tea infusions with added vitamins and botanicals, has been specially crafted to meet this demand, supporting consumers in their quest to feel good and stay nourished. As Dominic Marriott, tea taster at Ahmad Tea’s UK HQ explains, “These are unprecedented times, with increased consumer desire to stay fit and healthy creating huge demand for wellness teas around the world. Factors such as rising stress and anxiety have meant consumers are looking for easy ways to stay nourished and feel good. Our new Natural Benefits blends not only deliver the exceptional taste experience that consumers have come to expect from Ahmad Tea, but also give people a helping hand when it’s needed most.”

Boasting six all-natural premium blends from Immune – a blend of lemon, ginger and turmeric with added Vitamin C to support the immune system, to Energy – grapefruit, mate and guarana seed with Vitamin B6 to reduce fatigue, or Sleep – camomile, honey and lavender with passion flower to relax and unwind, the brand’s innovative new range is created to care. Marriot continues, “Our research found that the majority of consumers (64%, source: Mintel Tea and other hot drinks report, July 2019) are looking for hot drinks to meet different needs at different times of the day, so for us it was really important to create a range that supports people at all times of the day, whether they need a morning energy boost or an evening relaxer. “Using our three generations of tea blending experience, we’ve worked hard to produce some really exciting, delicious flavour combinations using the highest quality natural fruit and herbal ingredients, with added fortifying vitamins and botanicals.”

Kindness counts
Community is at the heart of Ahmad Tea’s business philosophy. In fact, with every cup of tea made, the company’s mission is to create positive change by bringing communities together. This means donating 20% of profits to charity – spreading kindness to people who need it most – from helping communities in Niger access clean water to funding the building of a fully equipped hospital in Sri Lanka.

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