• Retail: Local Sourcing A Priority

    12 June 2007 News
    A growing number of consumers consider locally sourced goods to be as important as friendly and helpful staff when deciding where to shop, a new study has revealed.
  • Retail: Card Transactions Increase

    11 June 2007 News
    Debit and credit cards now account for almost 64% of retail turnover, while cash accounts for 32% and cheques just two percent, according to new research from Visa UK and the Centre for Retail Research in Nottingham.
  • Study: Organic Footprint Denounced

    11 June 2007 News
    Despite being healthier, organic food is not necessarily better for the environment because of the distance it travels to reach consumers, new research has shown.
  • Retail: The Big Boys Take Over

    08 June 2007 News
    Large chains will control almost 90% of the retail market by 2016, according to investment bank, Morgan Stanley.
  • Drinking Habits Changing

    08 June 2007 News
    Despite concerns over binge drinking and extensive media coverage on the matter, the consumption of alcohol in the UK has shown sluggish growth.
  • Business: Worry Over Possible Mail Strike

    07 June 2007 News
    With Royal Mail workers expected to vote today on strike action over a pay dispute, The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has warned that any postal strike would severely damage the UK economy.
  • Retail: Whole Foods Market Opens

    06 June 2007 News
    The landmark 80,000-square-foot store is the first Whole Foods Market in Europe and marks a major step in expanding the company's brand beyond North America. Whole Foods Market currently operates 189 stores in the United States and Canada, as well as five Fresh & Wild shops…
  • Business: Remember To Switch

    05 June 2007 News
    Businesses selling goods online which accept debit card payments are being reminded they must swap their Switch logos for Maestro.
  • Retail: Wfm Considers Animal Welfare

    05 June 2007 News
    Whole Foods Market boss, John Mackey, is to launch a strict new animal welfare labelling scheme.
  • Advice: A Local Connection

    04 June 2007 News
    NW Fine Food is launching its new NW Fine Food Lovers membership scheme, offering its members a wide range of privileges including private invitations to food events around the region and the chance to meet high-profile North West chefs and producers.
  • Report: Is Local Food Better For The Planet?

    04 June 2007 News
    Current supermarket proposals to label products with food miles information have come into question after a study found that just two percent of an item's carbon footprint is generated by the journey.
  • Report: New Fears Over Meat Safety

    01 June 2007 News
    Tests to allow the remains of animals to be reintroduced into farm feed for the first time since the BSE crisis are being carried out by European scientists, reported The Times.
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