09 April 2020, 16:12 PM
  • Bread & Jam, billed as the UK’s first food founders festival, has launched webinars to support start-up food and drink businesses in the wake of Covid-19
Bread & Jam launches ‘upskill’ webinars

With many entrepreneurs pressing pause on their usual workloads, they could be finding that they have increased capacity in their schedule to improve their skills in a range of areas.

Bread & Jam is offering start-up brands within the food and drink industry the opportunity to hit the ground running when normal service resumes through a series of webinars, training sessions, virtual meet-ups and motivational panels promising short-term sales increases and long-term skills development.

“The food and drink space is such a fast changing landscape - what was gospel a month ago is nonsense now, and what was needed a just week ago is now redundant – that we’ve needed act quickly to respond to the food and drink entrepreneurial community and give them the support that they need now,” explains Jason Gibb, co-founder of Bread & Jam.

“We’ve found that they either want to use this time to up-skill and be ready to nail it when things have returned back to normal, or they want to pivot as quickly as possible to ecommerce. Our programme of webinars and online training runs for as long as it is needed and will cover all they topics the community asks for.”

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