The ultimate food and drink trends list for 2022

09 December 2021, 11:07 AM
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The ultimate food and drink trends list for 2022

Classic comforts are well known and loved by the British public, but who can resist exploring the newest trends to hit the food scene? At Speciality Food, we stay on top of the buzzwords bubbling up and influencing new product development to help busy retailers keep their stock up to date.

Take a look at the list below to discover the need-to-know trends as we head into the new year.

1. Top food and drink categories set to sell in 2022

Explore 10 of the biggest food crazes predicted to take off in the coming year with our most recent trend report. We explore the data behind booming plant-based food sales, how to cater for a growing appetite for breakfast food, and how to make the most of demand for bottled and canned ready-to-drink cocktails.

2. The shop local trend

Retailers might have thought that the desire to support local businesses would be short-lived after the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but consumers continue to feel the community spirit. Support for independents has soared as they showed their value in terms of their unique offering, first-rate shopping experience and convenience for the customer. We explore these changing consumer habits in-depth, with tips for keeping the local shopping movement alive in the long term, and how to take advantage of a move to e-commerce, too.

3. Must-know snack trends

If you found yourself reaching for a snack more often over the past year, you’re not alone. The snack category provided consumers with much-needed comfort and security during the pandemic, as well as breaking up the day for those working from home. From the sweet to the salty, we’ve explored the five trends in snacking that retailers need to know to make their stock fly off the shelves. Plus, we have a guide to snacking innovations here.

4. Predicting consumer trends post-Covid

While we’re not out of the woods with Covid yet, it’s worth taking a look at how consumers’ food and drink habits will be forever changed by the pandemic. Here, we explore the shopping trends like the online vs bricks-and-mortar debate, the health movement, and why we’re in a “golden era for food” – despite Covid.

5. Food to go is trending again

The food to go sector had a tough start to the pandemic, with coffee providing one of the only bright spots as consumers sought out ways for Covid-safe socialising. Today, from grab-and-go delis to ‘makeaway’ boxes, the sector is staging a comeback. Here, we explore how cafés and deli counters that put quality and provenance at the heart of their offering will find favour with ever-more-choosy customers.

6. The Japanese food trend

While the buzz of global flavours has been a huge hit during the pandemic, there’s one country that’s made a significant impression on Brits. Japanese cuisine has been boosted by high-profile events like the Tokyo Olympics, as well as its clear health credentials. If you’re ready to take on this trend in your shop, read our in-depth explainer from Trend Watch to explore the different ways retailers can secure sales.

7. The latest trends in chocolate

Chocolate was a big winner of the pandemic, and it’s no secret why: the outbreak of Covid-19 led many consumers to ‘self-treat’ with affordable luxuries like premium chocolate. However, the chocolate sector is getting a makeover at the moment thanks to eco-conscious shoppers and demands for healthier options. Read all about it with our report.

8. What to know about immune-boosting food

Thanks to Covid-19, awareness of immune-boosting food and drink has sky-rocketed over the past year. Products that claim immunity benefits are high on consumers’ wish lists, but offering great taste is still a must for fine food shoppers. We’ve explained all you need to know about the trend and how to stock products that will catch customers’ eyes.

9. Drink trends to stock in 2022

Premiumisation is running wild in the beverage industry, and consumers are keen to fill their drinks cabinets with top-quality tipples. Discover exactly what boxes consumers want ticking with our list of eight of the top drink trends for the coming year, from colourful aperitifs to niche wines.

10. Why frozen food is a trend-setter

Frozen food saw an uplift across 2020 and 2021 as consumers sought to take fewer trips to the shop and reclaim their freezers for weeknight meals. For fine food retailers, the freezer doors can hold countless premium delights, from small, permissible indulgences to simple breakfast options and high-quality meat and fish. Premium ready meals are also making a comeback, providing an ideal blend of quality and convenience for consumers who want a break from the kitchen.

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