10 September 2019, 09:11 AM
  • Leading packaging manufacturer Saxon Packaging offers tips to attract customers this Christmas
How to make festive drinks packaging stand out

The need for brands to stand out, appeal to and communicate with their consumers is paramount. Packaging has become one of the key marketing tools for drinks manufacturers and other businesses to achieve this. The opportunity to take advantage of the positive environment of the Christmas period by combining it with standout drinks packaging should not be missed. We offer high quality packaging solutions for the beer, wine, spirits and food industries, which include luxury gift packaging, shelf-ready packaging (SRP), subscription and mail-order packaging as well as other standard FEFCO packaging designs. In line with the growing consumer concerns regarding the environment and a global drive toward using sustainable packaging, our experienced in-house design team are able to offer businesses the opportunity to create environmentally friendly packaging solutions for their products for both new and existing non-corrugated designs.

Adding a festive touch to your products during the lead up to Christmas has great benefits for businesses. It gives businesses the opportunity to temporarily refresh their brand image without the major overhaul that rebranding can often present. Redesigning your packaging design for the festive season should be done in a tasteful way that fits in with the usual look of your brand – a total revamp of colours/patterns etc could damage the brand image you have already established. It’s a good idea to design your own personal branded Christmas packaging.

Start the process early enough to ensure that your product packaging meets expectations, and that it arrives with plenty of time to enable you to package your goods and for them to be delivered to your customers in time for the festive season. Make a start on trying different festive designs with your branding and discover early which artwork works the best to suit your brand’s image and more importantly its values and ethos. Get in contact with your packaging manufacturer earlier in the year and explain to them what your plans are for their festive season.

Most drinks bottles are of a standard size therefore creative structural design can be tricky, but with access to a large range of printing options and print finishing there is so much a brand can do to make their product stand out. At Saxon Packaging we have seen an increase in the use of lithographic printed packaging to give products a crisp and high quality photographic print finish. There’s also a range of laminate finishes such as soft touch, matt and gloss which can help create those memorable experiences and influence repeat purchasing.

Looking for more ways to market your products? Consider premiumising your products further by presenting a bottle or two together with a glass to create a gift presentation box. In our 33 years of manufacturing drinks packaging we have seen and designed a wide range of packaging, from a single bottle to a 24 beer bottle advent calendar.

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