01 April 2020, 13:52 PM
  • A new ‘farm to door’ fresh milk delivery service has been launched by Ballylisk Dairies in Tandragee, one of Armagh’s best known dairy farms. Ballylisk Dairies will soon be supplying fresh milk cartons around the Portadown-Armagh City area in a new community initiative aimed especially at the elderly and vulnerable
Irish dairy revives doorstep delivery in wake of Coronavirus

Reviving historic doorstep milk deliveries is the brainchild of Dean Wright, who runs the family farm, a leading dairy business, on more than 400 acres of pasture land near Tandragee. This land has been in the family for five generations.

Dean Wright, explaining the decision to revive the doorstep milk delivery service, says: “We are conscious of people, particularly the elderly and those unable to get out to food stores, in the area who prefer fresh milk and would like it delivered to their doorstep. Doorstep milk delivery used to be a feature in the area but it’s now largely disappeared.

“We decided to take a hard look at our resources to see how we could help to supply the elderly and vulnerable people and the wider community with nutritious and healthy milk.

“We have our own daily supply of fresh milk from the herd, the essential pasteurising, cooling and processing machinery and the ability to deliver direct to their doorstep on a regular basis. It made sense for us to develop what we see as an important community service.

“It will be a cashless service and the milk will be delivered without any contact with the shopper. The customer can order the milk by phone in advance for delivery whenever they need it, pay by card and we’ll leave it on the doorstep,” he says. There’s also an order form on the Ballylisk website which can be completed in advance by the customer. Mr Wright said the initiative will help to maintain employment in the processing plant and farm and could lead to further opportunities for the wider community.

Ballylisk Dairies will supply whole and semi skimmed milk in one and two litre cartons straight from its modern processing plant to customers within radius of 10 miles that takes in Portadown, Tandragee and Armagh City.

“We also have a recognised and successful brand associated with the farm and particularly our award winning cheese which is now sold here as well as in Britain, the Republic of Ireland and further afield.

“What customers can count on above all is premium quality, fresh milk with provenance processed straight from a local source,” he adds.

“We offer total traceability from farm to fork. The farm is self-sufficient from growing its own grain and grass to feed the entire herd that we breed.” The farm has been in the Wright Family from 1820.

Mr Wright continues: “Ballylisk Dairies intends to become plastic free. Our aim is to have a collectable glass bottle service, but under current circumstances we intend to begin this service with plastic cartons.”

Words: Sam Butler