New CBD certification initiative launched

03 April 2020, 10:45 AM
New CBD certification initiative launched

The initiative is part of the ICA’s vision of a sustainable future for the cannabinoid industry, as well as giving retailers and consumers reassurance regarding the safety of CBD products on UK shelves following a period of distrust.

The ACI is working with toxicology experts to compile the necessary data to build robust Novel Foods authorization dossiers for ACI members.

There are three tiers to the initiative:
Tier 1 – Certified
An ACI member has proven to comply with the ACI’s 7 pillar charter: they have passed an ACI audit which verifies that they operate to the best manufacturing standards. Companies will start displaying this mark from late summer 2020.

Tier 2 – Validated
A Novel Foods application must be validated by the FSA and/or the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). Support during this process will be provided by the ACI. This is legally required in order for products to remain in the UK market after 31st March 2021. This should be gained by some companies by the end of 2020.

Tier 3 – Authorised
When a company’s Novel Foods application has been authorized by the FSA and/or EFSA, certification will be granted and subject to annual review.

Dr Parveen Bhatarah, regulatory lead at The ACI said, “The UK has the necessary skill sets and talent in chemistry, agriculture, international business, and the regulatory requirements of the cannabinoid industry. Especially when it comes to CBD, we have the knowledge needed, from growing, to extraction and creating finished formulations. Consumer safety is the key for the CBD sector. The UK is ready to lead the global CBD industry.”

Dr Andy Yates, pharmacy lead at The ACI said, “It’s been clear that retailers and consumers don’t have complete faith in CBD products that are currently for sale in the UK. The ACI’s Certification is a simple way for retailers and consumers to be sure that the CBD products they are stocking or buying are complying with or working towards all of the relevant regulations.”

Paul Duffy PhD, ERT, FBTS, FRSB, toxicology specialist said, “The ACI and its members are in complete alignment with the FSA in terms of ensuring the safety of CBD in products. Discussions are planned to agree the most efficient way of achieving this objective including utilising all the high quality scientific information that is currently available.”

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