Sustainable Food Month: Exclusive webinars to reveal how to boost eco credentials

21 September 2021, 09:51 AM
Sustainable Food Month: Exclusive webinars to reveal how to boost eco credentials

Looking to take your eco credentials to the next level? Ready to learn how your business can profit while also making a positive impact on the planet? Learn from sustainability champions and food industry leaders during two exciting and informative online webinars for Sustainable Food Month, presented by Speciality Food and Too Good To Go.

Food production is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, so Speciality Food and Too Good To Go are holding Sustainable Food Month this October to help businesses make the food industry a greener place. 

Throughout the month, sustainability experts will provide vital insights and tips about transforming every part of your business – from sourcing to packaging to delivery and beyond.

The first webinar will be held on 13th October at 3pm. During the session, The Sustainable Pound: Why & How To Boost Your Eco Credentials, Speciality Food editor Holly Shackleton will speak with sustainable retailers including Dan Willis of Chorlton Cheesemongers and Megan Adams of Re:Store to uncover the opportunities that becoming a sustainable business holds. Attendees will learn step-by-step instructions for improving your eco credentials as well as tips for attracting and retaining forward-thinking customers. Register here.

The second webinar, Sustainability: The Future Is In Your Hands, will take place on 20th October at 3pm. During this session, which will feature insights from Jamie Crummie of Too Good To Go, Patrick Holden of the Sustainable Food Trust and Ruth Edge of the NFU, attendees will discover why the food industry holds the key to a brighter future, and what the future holds if we don’t begin to think differently about sustainability. Register here.

To learn more and register for updates about Sustainable Food Month, click here.

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